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Today I had the privilege of taking my first private music lesson. My teacher has already made a fantastic impression on me and really fueled my excitement for learning this fantastic instrument.

I bought a violin last week. It was an almost religious experience finding my first violin. I truly love that instrument already. I’m sure this relationship will only strengthen as time goes on.

I have a lot of work ahead of me to be able to do the violin justice. This week’s lesson focused on the first of many underpinning skills and techniques I need to begin playing properly.

I found several things that will improve as I learn to play and practice the exercises specifically targeting these weaknesses. I have exercises for this week working on the flexibility of my left shoulder and hand, the strength of my right pinkie (for bow control) and my sense of rhythm. Some of the exercises make me feel a little silly (clapping and marching in place at different paces, really) and some of them cause me some discomfort. That is to be expected aw I am using my body in ways it has never been used before.

Thus begins one of my potentially lifelong relationships. Come back and read more as this relationship blossoms.