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This evening after work, I went to the after work watering hole to have a few drinks to celebrate somebody else’s anniversary of the first breath.   I spent a fair proportion of the night talking to one of the girls from work.

I now have additional evidence that I do not understand women.

I am fine at talking to girls/women as long as I don’t see them as a potential romantic partner.  Why I draw any distinction is still beyond me.  My almost colleague’s advice to me “be less shy”. Cue the sarcasm, but no I will resist.

I actually appreciate the advice.  I can see that it is intrinsically correct and were it to be practical, it would be of significant value.  But  one significant question remains.


How do I ‘be less shy’ short of one suggestion which was snogging random girls in bars.  No wonder I’m not a huge fan of the bar scene if that is an expected behaviour.

I understand that I need to talk to more women to try and find one that I think is worth putting the time into to try and build a relationship.  I worry that what I have to talk about, as it’s not pop culture related very much if at all, won’t be of any interest to any women that I meet at random.

I mean how interesting is ‘I was reading about this extraordinary find in the night sky this morning. It is a binary carbon star that is projecting spirals of carbon molecules and is now (well 3000 years ago when the light left it to come to the hubble telescope)  over 3 trillion kilometers across!  It’s so dark that the hubble exposure was 33 minutes long to record the breath taking image. (Hat Tip to Dr Phil Plait on Bad Astronomy) I find it fascinating, but would a woman I approached at random?

Or the prevalence of Pi in mathematics? Or the cascading harmonies in a constant note from a violin? Or the elegance in a beautiful piece of code? Or how cameras try to make the average colour in a photo 18% grey?

Is it the case that the passion of the speaker can make the boring inspirational?  Can I be a powerful conversationalist with my atypical interests?

Your thoughts are not only welcome, but in fact are highly prized.