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I need to stop launching myself headlong into fantasy series… Wait let me back up.

I went to a Battlestar Galactica Finale party on Saturday night… That was fun and even though I thought the finale itself could have been better, the atmosphere was great.  Then I went home and made a galacticly stupid mistake.

I cracked Twilight.

Below the Fold…

So I’ve whiled away another day off, like so many days off before it, I havent gotten everything dont that I wanted to and got other things far more advance than I planned to.

Last weekend I was busy.  Just a quick rcap for all of you.

Friday night, I shot air rifle and did reasonably well.  Got told by my coach that I am ready to start wearing a jacket while I shoot.  Small steps but they are all in the same direction.  Probably means I need to buty a pair of shooting pants this year,  there goes some more dosh.

After shooting went to a club mates home to collect my shooting jacket which I had forgotten the previous Friday night, by the time I left his place it was already after midnight and I had to get up early, bright eyed & bushy-tailed to participate in my first significant coaching camp.

The coaching camp was organised by Queensland Target Sports and was really well run.  It featured some of Australia’s best coaches in both .22 50m Rifle & 10m Air rifle and ran for two days; unfortunately, I was only able to attend of Saturday, but I still learned a lot of useful techniques and philosophies.  Implementing the knowledge I gained will be a challanging and exciting time in my sporting career.  Probably gonna hurt too…  good thing I am a bit of a masochist.

Sunday was a blast too.  Played some domestic catchup in the AM and met up thith the boys & girls from Brisbane SciFi & Fantasy for Triad in New Farm Park.  Much, much fun was had,.  The muscle pain for 2 days now sice I finished playing has taken some shine off it, and tempered my enthusiasum for more domestic catchup, but on the whole it was still a great time.  I look forward to playing again next week.  It mad me miss playing team sports again, because shareed accomplishment is one of the best natural highs around.  You feed off weachouther to build this sense of euphoria.  That sense of euphoria after a win is the one thing I miss form when I played Gridiron, Indoor Netball & Indoor soccer and to a much more limited extent to the sports I played as a kid.

Sport gives everyone a chance to show off their true colours; it can tell you so much about a person and how they conduct themself in everyday life.  Something as simple as how somebody responds to a ref’s call they disagree with and how long they hold onto their grievance can tell you a lot.  Helping an opponant from the deck after a knock or challange for the ball shows a considerstion for others that runs deep.  Now we were playing a game for fun, with makeup teams and while most people took it that way some people let some less than desirible trais show from under their masks.

I have managed to get a lot of catching up on BSG done this week.  On Sunday morning i was at 3.04 but now I have made it to 4.10.  Nine more episodes to fit in between now and the BSFF minimeet this weekend for the fiunale – unless There is a birthday bash for a friend that I am so hoping for.

Off now to engross myself in some domestic bliss.

 Bloody shaping.  How is anybody supposed to survive 10 days with only a 64kbps connection to the internet.  Sob.

Well it has been an interesting few days.

On Saturday, I shot in my first state level competition in 50m Prone ISSF Rifle and as far as I am aware topped my grade with a score of 541 (94, 86, 91, 90, 89, 91).  These scores by the way are not good.  I shot in D (Dreadful) Grade and from the comments of the scorer after scores were posted suggest (somewhat strongly) tha I will be promoted to C (Crap) grade for the next shoot.  The next event I will be shooting is is the Bill Campbell Memorial Shoot on March 28th organised by my club Paramount Targetsports.  

I then watched a Drop Pod load of Andromeda episodes… by the end of the weekend I had watch all of Andromeda upto the end of Season 3.  Dang Impatience.  So now I think I am far enough in front to look upon the episodes in the rewatch a fair degree of objectivity and hopefully I will be able to add reasonably valuable input.

So now I am starting BSG Season 2 and then Season 3, not that I’ll be able to return any loans come this weekend’s SciFi meetup.  I will return them later in the month.  Hopefully the Holly Phoenix Meetup will be able to be rescheduled for some time later in the month which should be a refreshing change.  

Now I get to go buy groceries; what fun.

PS. the situation in Gaza blows chunks and throwing lots of money around won’t fix it.  You need to address the sources of the distrust that lead to the violence that destroys the pursuit of happyness for the people of the region; all the people in the region.  Remember that man Hates what he fears, and fears what he does not know. knowledge and understanding is the only true way to forstall war and trade is the most effective means known for growing knowledge and understanding accross frontiers.  Where trade goods cross borders, armies do not.

Frack being a sci-fi junkie… Frack it right in the anti-matter ejection port!

Yes, watching over half a season of Battlestar Galactica in one evening (only stopping because a new ep of Dollhouse was waiting to be unpacked & watched near midnight, (oh and you just finished the season you have on hand!) is a sure sign of obsession. Not that this is a bad thing of course.

OMG, what a cliffhanger at the end of BSG S1. And Echo is already making me ache for more dollhouse… Read the rest of this entry »