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Today was like many other days, but more annoying than many.  I awoke later than I wanted to, but that is becoming the norm. My ankle was still sore as I had rolled it the day before last, and I had an exam to contemplate.  What fun was to be had by all today.

So today began, and after the work lappy booted and I got established on the work network, I go hunting for the memo my boss wants.  I find it and wait for the email client to be ready.  I send it in and now sit wondering if it will be read by anybody this time.

Ablutions complete, I make myself ready for the day.  Shaving my ankle to taking the tape off won’t hurt so much felt a little weird and caused me to wonder why shaving with the grain of the hair is more effective.  Why shaving my face for these last few years hasn’t made me ask the same question is beyond me, for now.  Heading to the bus stop the day continues.

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