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Ok so the concept of ‘the rules’ will be familiar to anyone who has watched some NCIS, or read a dating book, or played a sport.  They are firm pointers to the proper behavior and typically penaties or disadvantes exist for those who do not follow the rules.  Be it a 90 s powerplay for ‘fisticuffs’ in the NHL or 10 – 15 years for aggravated assault, penalties exist for deviating from the ‘true path’.  Not quite so much when you build you own rule book for your own purposes.

My rules do not have penalties other than opportunity cost associated yet, and they probably never will.

I am creating this list, building this book one rule at a time, and I will explore why I have added each rule.  This will explore what it means to me, what I hope to achieve, why this is the best framework and any historical impetus behind this rule.

These rule poss (for the first three rules) will appear as I get around to completing them. But there will be more of the usual ranting and such coming soon.