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I took up target shooting with Paramount Targetsports during February 2008. I choose Paramount because they were the only club that had weekly club nights and had a website linked to from the website. This was important because I am efficient (read: lazy when I can get away with it) with my time and trying to find details for a shooting club in Australia can be a real pain in the ass. Due to the wonderful reluctance for many places to have a website, even to encourage new members at all, it was encouraging to find a club that wanted people to come down and try shooting with them. Read the rest of this entry »

I find myself writing this piece fully 24 hrs after I started it, and again I just finished a crappy day but if you have read any of my other posts you will have figured out that isn’t an unusual occurrence. *self deprecating chuckle* I just got home from an overtime day at work. Not a frequent occurance when you work for a government organisation. Read the rest of this entry »

After having the player who introduced me to the team defect minutues before the kick – to the team we were about to play – I was a bit taken aback. We got off to a good start and got out to 2-0 pretty quickly. Our traitor reinforced opponents clawed the margin back to 3-2 (our way) by half time. After an aggressive start in the second term we conceded (on my goal keeping) to our traitorus player about 8 minutes in. We were the next to score and regained the lead with 4-3 but the enemy struck back shortly thereafter bringing us to our full time score of 4-4 with 9 minutes remaining. Those last nine minutes were a bit of a slugfest with us all standing toe to toe and going hard.

We aren’t sure if we will see [name redacted] at our games any more although if he was to appologise – he might be welcomed back.

We have a bye next week so all should be quiet on this front for a couple of weeks.