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Ok – If you are in Brisbane this week – YOU HAVE TO GO AND SEE THIS PRODUCTION. It is frikkn awesome.

It’s an intense 75 minute circus and contemporary dance  presentation that just kicks arse and tickets are only $35 & 25 for concessions and groups of 10+.

Oh and if you leave a little inspired: They offer classes. Just sayin’.

Yesterday, I had a kind of awakening.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I had an epiphany, because I already knew this thing, I’d just let myself forget it. I’mma gonna let this thought finish, but first some background.

Yesterday I went to Live Spark & Livewired at the powerhouse.  Both great shows and I would highly recommend anybody who can checks out Live Spark’s Indie acts at least once, and Live Wired every chance the get.  Yesterday the Live Spark acts were Ichabod’s Crane and The Lucky Wonders. (As an aside why do all indie bands have MySpace profiles?) I really liked Ichabod Crane’s sound even though I only really caught the last third of their set, and The Lucky Wonders were really good.  Livewired was awesome with Wil Anderson starting us off with a quick 10 before he headed to the airport (allegedly) and with Sammy J headlining.

I met a few of the QUT Cliffhangers there for us to check out the lineup for Livewired and have a good night.  I rocked up at the previously notified time of 1600.  At about 1530 N called and said that she would be there at 1700 rather than 1600 as previously discussed and L & A were still maybes. B (not a Cliffhanger) couldn’t make it because she was tired and F (also not a Cliffhanger) really needed to study. At first while I was sitting there alone I got a little perturbed and even slightly upset, but I allowed myself to get into the acts and just enjoy the performances as I had alone many times before.

Don’t get me wrong sometimes I like to do things alone, I would even go so far as to say that from time to time most of humanity shits me to tears; however, I have really started to like doing things with other people.  Human beings are social creatures after all, even strange little monkeys like me.

Then N arrived and the happy little social creature time began. Then L & A got there. Seeing the happy couple got me thinking and not in a way likely to leave my jumping for joy.  I started thinking about opportunities lost through inaction, disappointments felt and potential joy missed out on.  In short emotional opportunity costs I had incurred.  And I remembered an old maxim “where a choice exists between action and inaction, always choose action” that I should pay more attention to and follow where I can.

Coming back to this I started to think of Jethro Gibb’s rules (the TV series NCIS, but how can you not get the reference?)  and how while violable under certain circumstances they provide him (the character) a valuable framework to guide his actions.  I’m not in a position to lay down such a rigid system for myself but there are a few I will endeavor to keep in mind:

  1. Never screw over a friend.
  2. In a choice between action and inaction, choose action
  3. Don’t believe what you’re told. Check for yourself.

At the moment those are all I want to start with.  Like Gibb’s rules I want mine to grow from experience. After all ‘good decisions comes from experience and experience comes from bad decisions’.

I have made errors of omission simply by staying home.  Sure I’ve been hurt in the past, but I need to jump back up on those horses and ride on.  To make this happen I need to get back on the cliffs and so what if a 10 m grade 11 takes me an hour, I need to talk to strangers and acquaintances who could be good friends or even more, and I need to seize each and every day.

I need to leave my inherent shyness behind and embrace every opportunity to be with people.

So go forth people and embrace life. Understand that walking the long road and taking the scenic detours involves pain, but that the rewards are commensurate with the risks. And love. Above all love you fellow men and women because if you don’t this little rock will get pretty crowded.

This evening after work, I went to the after work watering hole to have a few drinks to celebrate somebody else’s anniversary of the first breath.   I spent a fair proportion of the night talking to one of the girls from work.

I now have additional evidence that I do not understand women.

I am fine at talking to girls/women as long as I don’t see them as a potential romantic partner.  Why I draw any distinction is still beyond me.  My almost colleague’s advice to me “be less shy”. Cue the sarcasm, but no I will resist.

I actually appreciate the advice.  I can see that it is intrinsically correct and were it to be practical, it would be of significant value.  But  one significant question remains.


How do I ‘be less shy’ short of one suggestion which was snogging random girls in bars.  No wonder I’m not a huge fan of the bar scene if that is an expected behaviour.

I understand that I need to talk to more women to try and find one that I think is worth putting the time into to try and build a relationship.  I worry that what I have to talk about, as it’s not pop culture related very much if at all, won’t be of any interest to any women that I meet at random.

I mean how interesting is ‘I was reading about this extraordinary find in the night sky this morning. It is a binary carbon star that is projecting spirals of carbon molecules and is now (well 3000 years ago when the light left it to come to the hubble telescope)  over 3 trillion kilometers across!  It’s so dark that the hubble exposure was 33 minutes long to record the breath taking image. (Hat Tip to Dr Phil Plait on Bad Astronomy) I find it fascinating, but would a woman I approached at random?

Or the prevalence of Pi in mathematics? Or the cascading harmonies in a constant note from a violin? Or the elegance in a beautiful piece of code? Or how cameras try to make the average colour in a photo 18% grey?

Is it the case that the passion of the speaker can make the boring inspirational?  Can I be a powerful conversationalist with my atypical interests?

Your thoughts are not only welcome, but in fact are highly prized.

Today was like many other days, but more annoying than many.  I awoke later than I wanted to, but that is becoming the norm. My ankle was still sore as I had rolled it the day before last, and I had an exam to contemplate.  What fun was to be had by all today.

So today began, and after the work lappy booted and I got established on the work network, I go hunting for the memo my boss wants.  I find it and wait for the email client to be ready.  I send it in and now sit wondering if it will be read by anybody this time.

Ablutions complete, I make myself ready for the day.  Shaving my ankle to taking the tape off won’t hurt so much felt a little weird and caused me to wonder why shaving with the grain of the hair is more effective.  Why shaving my face for these last few years hasn’t made me ask the same question is beyond me, for now.  Heading to the bus stop the day continues.

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