Ok, So I’m over being single.  Not that there is anything wrong with being single, but I’m over it.

I’m pretty happy with where I am now and I’m ready to start sharing it. And this is where it gets interesting…

I had an epiphiny a while back and that was that I needed to get out more. A lot more. So I started heading out more, I took up a new sport, I embraced my desires for some hobbies and I got my bike.  This wasn’t an effort to pick up by any means. It was an effort to fill a large void best described as social interaction.

It has been great.  I am still reading lots, still learning lots still enjoying plenty of alone time but I have the beginnings of a network of friends. As well as that I have reached out across the spans of time and reconnected with some people I’d lost touch with and in doing so re-established some good friendships.

I’m actually content with my lot at the moment.  While I’d like to travel, I’d rather travel with someone else.  While I’d like to go out more It’s becoming increasingly evident that what I want most is someone to share the journey with.  Someone to care for, someone to love and be loved by.  So I started being active again on an online personals site and There are some amazing people on there.  Girls I’d like to just talk to.  Girls who I don’t feel worthy of knowing.  Now for those of you who know me, the lack of confidence is probably taking you aback, but it’s true.  

Yes, I’m immensly confident when it comes to most things technical, and even those non-technical things where I have some aptitude, but talking to girls… ahhh not so much.  As you can probably imaging this lack of self confidence doesn’t sit well in my slightly egodriven psyche.

It isn’t so much that I fear rejection (although that is one mask the anxiety presents itself in) it is just that I have no fracking idea what I’m doing.  Now I know everything (almost) but this.  And that annoys me. And scares me.

So I’m gtting into this ‘trying to get agirlfirend’ thing and I find an A Grade ten and a half (+1 bogan point for you if you can idenify the reference) on theonline personals site.  As Geo (Geologicrecords.com) puts it ‘B³ – Brains, Body, Both’. Now don’t any of my female friends feel put out – she is a gamer, atist, geek & more who identifes as single, and is withn a comfortable ride/drive and is on an online personals site.  Frak, I have to write to her. Shit. What do I say? How do I phrase it? Do I loose the Geek inside? So many quetions, so many possible permutations,so many potential landmines. 

So I slug through it and come up with a letter that (I hope) was enough t provoke a response, preferably positive, maybe maybe maybe even interesed, although the likelyhood of that is low.  

Now the waiting begins and I hope to be evaluated and not found wanting.  

But even content wit my lot as I am, I still want more.  I duppose that is a fundamental part of the human condition.

Probably more updates as they come to light.

As a Post Scriptm aside, is Holly-Phoenix coming back.  I’m starting to worry because it has bee all quiet on the western front for a while now. And i finally got around to user picing it up. ’bout time.