So here it is Tuesday morning, sigh, and I’m sitting in a site office waiting on a contractor to show up. As if my days need more time stolen from them. Anyway on with the retrospective:


Friday Night: I missed training Friday because I was busy getting some intersections ready to be changed over for a big project and then I was reading Justina Robson’s QuantumGravity Book Two; Selling Out. Damn this series is a cracking read. Thanks Kimberly for the reccomendation, again.

Onto Saturday: Went to the attempted commisioning of a set of traffic lights at lunchtime, but my favourite subbies had screwed the pooch again. Not only was the linemarking not done (no way I’m turning on an intersection that isn’t marked out), they have screwed up the wiring for a special call button that calls a special phase. Again a critical fault – no switch on for you. And they don’t have the communications link running yet so I can’t consent to turning the damn thing on either.

After telling these muppets to get their shit together, take two asprin and I’ll see you for a 10am switch-on on Tuesday, I went down to the Ship Inn and met up with the Brisbane Sci-Fi & Fantasy crew at their main meet. So I’m driving today so no booze even though I’m at the Inn.  Most of the crew are going to see wolverine so like a good little lamb I tagged along and it was better than I was expecting, but then again I wasn’t expecting much.  — Special note to Hugh Jackman, Computer Generated dosn’t have to be crap —

Kicked on from the Movies to a mate’s place and Watched Conan the Barbarian over Canadian Club & Coke (had a couple of light ones) and then shot the shit untill 4AM. Damn 4 AM as in ya’ know just before dawn.  I ran 2 people home and sacked out by 0445 hrs.

It’s well and truly Sunday now: I was awoken after not more than 4 hours sleep by my dear cat.  Grrrrr. No, I didn’t go an play Triad.  It started at eleven and I was still in bed recovering from the night before despite my consciousness.  I was still reading Selling Out by Justina Robson.  As I said above awesome read I sorta didn’t want to hear back out that night but I did.  Caxton Street was a disaster so the cab to my mates place cost ten bucks more than it should have but the night out was gonna be expensive anyway.  Rumble, Rock & Wrestling was a fun gig and the wrestleing was tacky-fun in an I’m-kinda-drunk-and-these-guys-suck-kinda way.  We went back to the mate’s place and we RPG’d a scenario with a space pirate who stole a terraforming organism unwittingly & annoyed the sister of one of the deceased crew, who was captaining one of the pursuing starships, so much that she turned on the terraforming organism. I died when I turned mutinous. End of Game – 4:15 AM, another taxi an sleep by 0520hrs

Welcome to Monday:  The cat let me sleep, maybe she figured I’d skin her alive if she woke me up again after sacking out so late, but I still only got 6 hours of sleep.  Housework, finish the book (awesome read by the way check it out) and then to cap off the weekend, finally watch Twilight, the movie. Oh God, what a soggy shit sandwich of a movie.  Yes, it is reasonably faithful to the book but what they added & omitted didn’t add much.  Yes, I typically don’t like book adaptions as much as the book but damn they changed some of the set-ups for future books. Yes, the book isn’t literature, it’s poorly written crack but it’s still a good story if you prefix all mensions of Vampire with "Pathetic, Emo, Softcore" just to add the correct adjectives.  No, a modern architectural digest house dosn’t look like it has been there for ever.  Since when does Edward take Bella up trees, he is trying to keep her alive, not let her fall to her death.  Oh and since when does ‘Alabaster pale" translate to "normal looking white guy". Damn it.

Yes I’m still aggrivated but it’s not directed at anyone so I’m off to buy some dice.