I need to stop launching myself headlong into fantasy series… Wait let me back up.

I went to a Battlestar Galactica Finale party on Saturday night… That was fun and even though I thought the finale itself could have been better, the atmosphere was great.  Then I went home and made a galacticly stupid mistake.

I cracked Twilight.

Type your cut contents here.

I got home form the party at about 1210 am on Sunday morning, went through my post-night-out routine (ya know the usual: ablutions, banana, lots of water) and then I opened the book which I had already been warned was like flash (Andromeda Reference for the uninitiates) after the first dose you can’t get enough.

Well 75 pages later, I fell asleep from exhaustion, not disinterest (I have been shorting out on sleep so I was caught up to attend Saturdays Party), and slept for about 4 1/2 hours.  This was not enough to eliminate my sleep deficit, not by a long shot.  Then I proceeded to read the rest of Twilight in one session.  It was soooo good. 

Stephanie Meyer may not be the most literary of writers, but she has a way of luring you through the story with each page an irresistable successor of the previous one.  She should be banned from including bonus chapters.

I am now in a state that I would describe as sleep deprived and the stupid thing is that the interuption to my usually unshakable ability to sleep is being caused by something that I enjoy so much.

33 Hours ago I had read nothing of Stephanie Meyer’s work but now I am 2 books and 300 pages into the Twilight universe. That may just be a dire commentary on my search for escapism and an alternative to the daily hum-drum of life in Brisbane.

Post Time – I’ve been at work now for an hour and a half and I’m completly shattered form a lack of sleep but all I want to do is finish reading the damn books.  Still no coding or testing for me today, I don’t want that on my conscience.