Bloody shaping.  How is anybody supposed to survive 10 days with only a 64kbps connection to the internet.  Sob.

Well it has been an interesting few days.

On Saturday, I shot in my first state level competition in 50m Prone ISSF Rifle and as far as I am aware topped my grade with a score of 541 (94, 86, 91, 90, 89, 91).  These scores by the way are not good.  I shot in D (Dreadful) Grade and from the comments of the scorer after scores were posted suggest (somewhat strongly) tha I will be promoted to C (Crap) grade for the next shoot.  The next event I will be shooting is is the Bill Campbell Memorial Shoot on March 28th organised by my club Paramount Targetsports.  

I then watched a Drop Pod load of Andromeda episodes… by the end of the weekend I had watch all of Andromeda upto the end of Season 3.  Dang Impatience.  So now I think I am far enough in front to look upon the episodes in the rewatch a fair degree of objectivity and hopefully I will be able to add reasonably valuable input.

So now I am starting BSG Season 2 and then Season 3, not that I’ll be able to return any loans come this weekend’s SciFi meetup.  I will return them later in the month.  Hopefully the Holly Phoenix Meetup will be able to be rescheduled for some time later in the month which should be a refreshing change.  

Now I get to go buy groceries; what fun.

PS. the situation in Gaza blows chunks and throwing lots of money around won’t fix it.  You need to address the sources of the distrust that lead to the violence that destroys the pursuit of happyness for the people of the region; all the people in the region.  Remember that man Hates what he fears, and fears what he does not know. knowledge and understanding is the only true way to forstall war and trade is the most effective means known for growing knowledge and understanding accross frontiers.  Where trade goods cross borders, armies do not.