There I go, wandering, searching valiently for data, crucial missing data. 375 Mb at last count. All that remains to be found from the 8.11 Gb total. Sigh. Patience is all I can draw upon to see me through this wait.

It’s all my fault really. I mean who watches a whole series of an old TV show in one week?! Me, that’s who. And in a roddenberry tradition the end of season cliffhanger ends … To be continued.

Damn! Damn! Damn!

Those three little words bring the first season of Andromeda to a crashing close. Dylan in command bleeding from wounds, Rommie in turnoil, Rev Ben in crisis, Harper & Tyr in enemy hands, Beka showing surprising loyalty and Trance more or less ok. What will happen to them? In 375 Mbs time (What a wired mix of units) I will know.

But once you have been throttled, 375 Mb can be a long time. 10 days into the month I hit the peak cap. At least it’s February, the short month.

Having lunch with a friend today should be fun.


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