Apologies for the neglect that this journal has suffered from for the last 8 weeks but I bought a place, moved, waited to get the ‘net on and did a bunch of other stuff.

This Weekend in Reverse chronological order…

I just finished watching Dollhouse Ep 1 (Created by Joss Whedon)… Damn.  How has Joss done it again?  It kicked ass totally.  Others will do a better job of breaking down the series in the coming months but if you can, check it out.

*** News Flash *** Housework still sucks.  That’s about as important as most of the media’s news flashes these days.

Finally re-watched the Battlestar Galactica epic prelude to the series this afternoon…  Much BSG goodness to follow in the following weeks.

Went to the Market with two interesting gents this morning, G & T.  Both are Landscape Architects and speaking as a former civil designer, formerly my sworn professional enemies, well after architects proper.  These guys are seriously cool and I has a great time going to both the markets this morning but should have omitted the sauerkraut from the debricener at chandler, oh, and waited till rocklea to get the sausage, 50c cheaper.

Now back to Saturday Evening:
Following a surprise phone call from K, I attended a wonderful, decidely informal, dinner party at K & G’s house with T as the other guest.  The turkey was delectable (G did a great job seasoning the hindquaters, and K is a killer meat turner) as was the house specialty pumpkin soup; as an aside there was sooo much soup but it was all so tasty.  The 10 premixed vodka cans left me suitably anestitised to sleep on the georgeous leather couch.  Well the sleeping was technically Sunday morning, I can’t be bothered editing this.

Such a relief to have found another sci-fi-fantasy fan who can consume adult beverages and have a good time (K if you are trying to guess)

By the way so much fart humor and so many rippers (Mainly G) at the gathering

Saturday, the day of household chores, laundry, meal planning, grocery shopping, cleaning and the ubiquitous sleep in after Friday Night.  Nothing real interesting but I did find some interesting burrito recipies at allrecipies.com NOT all recipies.com.au .  Why do webmasters insist in redirecting users to local sites even after the user selects NO in the “would you like to check out your local website?” prompt. Grrr.

Talk about stream of consciousness writing with nerd* errors as well.
* Ya know: Grammer, spelling capitalisation all the marks of a truly quality document.

Friday Night.  Apologies for getting annoyed at the punters, but there are so many and we have comp in a fortnight.  Can’t we have a punter management system that dosn’t screw over the club members who are trying to train seriously. Fracking annoying.

Rant Over…  For Now

Erratum,  Last month at the Holly – Phoenix and later at the Feb BSFFmeetups I made reference to ‘Goblin Made Wine’  in this I was incorrect it was ‘Elf Made Wine’ and whilst i was refering to the correct scene I had it mis-placed in the books.  For failing to live up to my usual level of minutiae precision, I once again apologise.  It seems I do a lot of that. (See K, Erratum – Nerd for cock-up)

Apologies for the initials but I don’t have releases and as such need to be discrete in my references to people and private places.  I think it lends a nice, conspiritational tone to an online journal anyways.