Today was the second meetup I attended of the Brisbane Harry Potter Fan Club.  I know it is a children’s book, but damnitt the series is a masterfully constructed literary work. 

There were seven of us who participated and it was my pleasure to meet four of them for the first time.

It was an enjoyable afternoon and should you read this, and live within a reasonable distance of Brisbane’s CBD (to me that’s about ninety minutes travel as that will see you spending as long travelling as attending which is my standard for a fair deal) I would  strongly suggest that you join us at 1.00 pm on the first Sunday in December in Mick O’Malley’s on Queens Street Mall.

This is a really bad write up, but I truct that they will improve (the write ups – the meet ups are already briliant).

See Holly & Phoenix (the Harry Potter fanclub of Brisbane) for more details of future meetups.