Queensland Rail is a really really bad service provider. They consistently fail to adjust to customer demand and wantonly discriminates against certain passengers. I catch the Caboolture Line to and from work each morning. They are ass-munchers. They fail to maintain their equipment to a suitable level – doors fail to work reliably, trains don’t run, trains are always late, trains are always filled beyond comfortable riding capacity and they don’t communicate to their passengers clearly when there is a change.
This morning, this very fucked up morning, I was on a cattle train. By the fifth station on the line it was standing room only. Why? THE PREVIOUS TRAIN FAILED AT CABOOLTURE AND QR DID NOT TELL THE PASSENGERS. The train went tits-up and nobody was told. Mr. QR – FUCK YOU. When the cattle train (Electric Multiple Unit train – entered service in 1985 and is now falling apart), was changed from an Ipswich Service to a Beenleigh Service, that’s fine but this means that Brunswick Street was not stopped at. This pisses me off because I TRAVEL TO BRUNSWICK STREET.
Brunswick Street is curently being upgraded, nice, fine, good, and dandy, this means that only half of the station is open. Beenleigh trains do not stop at Brunswick Street, Ipswich Trains do. Having already been on the fucking train for 50 minutes. Packed in like sardines (not quite like in japan but they are only packed in for a few minutes for a time – not about an hour) we get told that it won’t stop at Brunswick Street, then after stepping out onto the platform the station master announces that the train on platform 3 (this platform) will stop at Brunswick Street station.
We (Csboolture Line passengers) are in the oldest trains in the fleet, on (in independent studies because Freedom of Information Request get refused for the official numbers) the busiest line in terms of passenger numbers. The Gold Cost – a flashy line with much lower numbers – gets all the new trains (comfortable trains where I could type without arm pain with some fat bitch sitting on my leg) **/ hey she must have read my screen because she just moved **/ and we have busted, broken down, old pieces of shit trains that cannot be relied upon. That sounds really fucking BULLSHITish. Don’t you think that the busiest lines would get more services that will certainly run. Dosn’t that just make sense. Well that is too easy for the Boffins at Queensland Rail. Don’t expect anything to change but it sure feels good to piss and moan (i.e. rant)