I took up target shooting with Paramount Targetsports during February 2008. I choose Paramount because they were the only club that had weekly club nights and had a website linked to from the ourbrisbane.com website. This was important because I am efficient (read: lazy when I can get away with it) with my time and trying to find details for a shooting club in Australia can be a real pain in the ass. Due to the wonderful reluctance for many places to have a website, even to encourage new members at all, it was encouraging to find a club that wanted people to come down and try shooting with them.

I was in a weird headspace. Even by my standards, I was in a weird headspace. I was looking to change jobs, I was frustrated, I was stressed to within an inch of health. I was feeling very angry with myself for everything that was going on in my life. Being self centred and misanthropic, I hate myself and blame myself for the self hatred. Talk about a vicious cycle. I hate myself, for hating myself, and that causes me to hate myself more. Yay! I think about this so much that it gets me wanting an outlet.

Shooting gives me an outlet for my self hatred. I use shooting as a self development tool. Shooting well gives me a sense of fulfilment when I shoot well (by my standards), and gives me excuses to like myself. It is such a great feeling to like yourself! Imagine this, you are reading a dialogue from an Autistic (admittedly a High Functioning ASD Sufferer not a Low Functioning) about feelings, and how to improve your self-image. How weird is that? Somebody who has impaired functioning in the emotional centres of the brain and has altered perception of the world around. I really like to develop a talent, and achieving goals is good for anybody. Setting high goals causes you to reach for the objectives that you set for yourself.

My current goal in shooting is to consistently shoot nothing but 9’s and 10’s. I have not yet achieved my goal. I have only been shooting 4 months and to achieve what I have normally takes longer than that. I am pleased to have achieved what what I have already have but I want more. It makes me feel so much better for about myself, which makes me want more from myself which lets me get more and work harder. Another vicious cycle, but this time it is spiralling upwards. A much better way to be for me.

So if you are in the Greater Brisbane area come on down to Paramount Target Sports and give it a go at 10 am, On the first Saturday of the month or check out our website.