Dave‘s Spam Karma 2 is the main one I am railing against because it is used on one of my favourite blogs (Bad Astronomy) and EVERY DAMN COMMENT I MAKE is deemed SPAM. Maybe it’s because I use the Nickname I use on this blog (Uninspired22 for the less observent of you) and my gmail account is in a different nickname. Maybe it’s bacause I am using a FREE email account. I mean i know that blog comment spam is a pain in the ass (yes, even my blog gets spam), and that makes filters nessecery, but my posts are always written coherently and conain no links in the body – unlike all the SPAM that gets eaten on this site – and I provide a site link that matches the nickname. In short SPAM filters caught my angst and thus ended up on the blog.

I will try to start adding positive material soon but that means having positive experiences to relate as I refuse to just make shit up. And noew my compe shits. Brilliant, what isn’t going to annoy me this time around.