I find myself writing this piece fully 24 hrs after I started it, and again I just finished a crappy day but if you have read any of my other posts you will have figured out that isn’t an unusual occurrence. *self deprecating chuckle* I just got home from an overtime day at work. Not a frequent occurance when you work for a government organisation.

I was at work today because I have four weeks worth of work, and three weeks before I leave my current role (I wish I was already gone – see my ‘My Boss, The Prick’ post for more info) and others just keep the pressure coming. Putting that aside, yesterday I went to the optometrist to order some new glasses, mine having failed (broken for those of you who don’t speak engineer), and having arrived at 4:57 pm (yes, I know that i’m pedantic but feel free to say so in the comments) for a 5:00 pm appointment, I fill in the stoopid little form (I call it stoopid because they re-ask all the questions in the interview) and wait, and not being the most patient person on this little blue rock, I am starting to get frustrated by 5:08 pm when I’m finally ushered in. After the mandatory bullshit about eye health and i’t good that you have come back for an eye exam 2 years apart and all that Bull Manure – see I don’t swear at every opportunity – My script was reduced (I interpreted that as the previous optometrist having screwed up, but then i’m falling into the reasoning failure that is the false dichotomy) and I got to start picking frames (plural because I need sunnies too) out for them to make my new glasses. mmmm new glasses, two of three new pairs I need in the short term because I need a specialist pair of shooting glasses.

Yes, shooting glasses. I shoot things. Specifically, I shoot standard ISSF competition targets with rimfire, small bore, target rifles. That’s .22 caliber at 50 m distance on an approved rifle range, fully in accordance with all safety rules laid down by ISSF and the club with which I shoot. I also had a really bad night. After leaving the optometrist at 6:01 pm I missed the convenient 6:06 train and got the 6:36 instead. This fun little thing had me running all of 45 minutes late to the range. my shooting was crap, and by crap I mean that I only shot 127 points from the 150 on offer and only had two really bad shots – 7’s and 6 bad shots – 8’s. Now other Target shooters will – depending on their disciplines – will either be impressed of laughing their arses off. I say it’s crap but then I have only been shooting since February so only 3 months into the journey toward being good, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pay myself out for being pants.