My boss is a prick. Now you might be saying that all bosses are pricks but my prick, errr I mean boss, is a real piece of work. It all started after I asked for ‘higher duties after being given a project above my pay grade.

This was and is a monster project, and it wasn’t the right project to give me, but my boss pressured me into it anyway, and not having had a chance to get my head around the scope of the project I felt trapped. He brought in three other people to work on the project, and I’m the lead designer on my first fully detailed, levels included design in two years. This is a complex, intricate and multi-disciplinary project with an approximate construction budget of $ 10 Million! Now I don’t lack confidence (unless you are a girl I’m trying to chat to) in my professional life, but I was totally overwhelmed. Having had this thrust upon me, I asked for ‘higher duties’ as this is well outside the position description I am employed under, (I’m paid to be a draftsperson – a person who draws technical drawings – not a designer) and this job is underpaid anyway. So my prick boss turns me down and adds people to the project – displaying a total lack of confidence in my abilities, but tells me that he thinks that I am perfect for the project. Saw right through that boss!

After he knocked back my, very well justifiable, request for higher duties during a particularly stressful project, I went looking for other work in the organisation (we have lots of departments) and was successful in getting another position two grades higher than where I am now (now waiting to leave mind you).

On the eighth of April, I was offered the new position formally in writing having been told verbally prior to this. When I found out, I informed my direct supervisor (not a prick just not a good leader) that I would be moving on . . . . Well if you, like me, though he would start planning for me to leave, you’d be wrong.

I told my supervisor when I applied, I told him when I interviewed well, I kept him up-to date throughout the whole bloody process, (it has been a long haul, applications closed on the third of February and I still have to start) and I would have thought that he would be ready when, on the morning of the eleventh of April, I informed him that I had accepted the new position. He wasn’t. He went to his hand holder who, by the way doesn’t like me, told him and my prick, errr I mean boss, that they would need my services until the end of May.

It took another week and a half of pleading to get them to nail this date down and agree to it as a release date for when I could leave to start my new job. This is when my boss started to show his real colours . . . . I had been talking to my new boss (quite a good bloke), each day to try and get him to give me a date that he wanted me to start my new position. While I was doing this my current boss was cutting my legs out from underneath me. Before he told me that he wanted to keep me until the end of May, he had a face to face meeting with my new boss and told him that he needed my services on this project until the end of May, then seven weeks hence. This was and still is, BULLSHIT.

So here I am being penalised for being a good worker, being exploited and forcd to stay in a job for eight weeks after giving notice of my intent to leave. It feels like an interminable time remaind when in actuality it is only another three weeks, three painful prick filled weeks . . .