Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen. One week on from my 23rd birthday, and I am a grumpy, almost depressed person. Gahh. How pathetic. I am turned 23 and have very little, and yet so much to show for my 23 years on this blue little bloody rock. I have property under my name, nice possessions, a great apartment, a career, great neighbours, good colleagues, and lots more things I could list but won’t (enough ranting, dammnit) yet I have accomplished so little in a social way. No Girlfriend, (that’s the biggie) a small network of friends, and wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, OK, NEVER BEEN KISSED !!! Can you understand what it’s like living in an apartment complex, as a frustrated, 23 year old male. I’ve read a bunch of books, gained a few female friends, talked with people at length, done the ‘eye contact thing’ (which as an autistic makes as much sense as flipping them the bird) all with presumably positive results to my social skills have done nothing to help me get any attention, dates, phone numbers, or other markers of success. How very annoying.